Hitting the Wall


This is NOLA Boy in 2006 in Washington State.  It is one of my favorite pictures of him because it captures the incredible sweetness of this wonderful man.

As many of you know, he has hit a wall of his own that started, unbeknownst to us, probably about the same time this picture was taken.  He was having a hard time walking, although that didn’t stop his daily beloved bicycle ride.

Fast forward all these years, and he is still bravely fighting the Multiple Myeloma that has invaded his body.

On Tuesday night, he hit a wall of his own, and by Wednesday morning, he was worse, so I called the paramedics, and they whisked him off to the hospital that is within sight of our home.  They stabilized him, and packed him into a helicopter for the ride of his life up to the hospital in Tucson.

No one held out any hope, and it has been an incredibly long four days, but miraculously, once again he has rallied.  His kidneys had apparently failed, and his condition was dire, with his mental state exceedingly altered as well.

But today – TODAY – I talked to him for a full half hour around noon, and he was completely himself for the entire time.

I don’t know how long he will be in the hospital, but with COVID-19, I cannot go visit.  In the beginning he was so confused about everything, and could not understand why I was not there with him 24/7 like I have been through all these same sorts of hospitalizations.

But that terror for him as passed, and now we talk about his getting back home to at least sit on our deck during the warm part of the day, and watch for animals to come to the water pond.

That is our goal.  Please think good thoughts for him!  ;->

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22 Responses to Hitting the Wall

  1. Sending strength and wishes for a speedy recovery!

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  2. Andrea says:

    Sending love and prayers for you both.

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  3. Sorry to read about this ordeal, but glad to know he’s doing better. This must be so hard on both of you!
    Sending lots of positive thought your way. Hope you’ll soon be sitting together on the deck very soon! Hang in there. 🙂

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  4. judilyn says:

    That we do; otherwise, we’d go nutz-o!

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  5. dreamjosie says:

    Sending virtual hugs to both of you with much love.

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  6. Dale Ellis says:

    You and Gary have my energy and prayers! 🙏🌀

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    That is indeed a great picture of Gary. That is exactly how I see him in my mind’s eye. In fact, we’d love to have a full resolution copy if you could send it to me. We’d like one of you, too. Your choice, but the one you are using for your profile right now is very nice.

    Your news of there last few days was alarming, as you knew it would be. How long can this continue…who knows, but the fact that you are having good conversations must be reassuring.

    Our local hospitals have started vaccines for all the staff, as have the staff at the senior home where my mom and Suzanne’s brother are. The residents will start getting theirs next week. We have no idea when our opportunity will happen. The state of Missouri is miserable when it comes to this sort of stuff. We did get to see Steve on Christmas Day by going into his apartment through the outside sliding glass door. For having to live almost like a cloistered monk for these many months he was in good spirits and is doing remarkably well physically. Fortunately, he has been able to get out and walk, though today may be the last of our warm weather days.

    Thanks fo the update. We are thinking all the good thoughts we can muster for Gary and you both.

    Love, Craig and Suzanne


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  8. Clanmother says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Gary! Thank you for the update, my dear friend!

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  9. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    Many prayers. Let me know if I can help/

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  10. judilyn says:

    I really didn’t think he had a chance this time, Shirley, but you know what a fighter he is. I just got off the phone with him, and he is actually eating his first meal since lunch here at home last Tuesday !!


  11. Sherry says:

    Oh Judy, I know just how you were feeling and am so so glad to hear he has rallied. To have had 14 years with David after his diagnosis would have been a dream for me. He had only half that time. My heart goes out to you both and I am sending love and strength to you. I remember how much your knowledge and understanding helped us at the beginning and if there is anything at all I can do for you, you have only to ask. Please keep us up-to-date on his progress. I am anxiously anticipating his return home.

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  12. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    Have enjoyed your blog for many years though never posted a comment. My thoughts and prayers are with your husband and for you as his caregiver. Take care.

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  13. Linda says:

    Judi – That is a wonderful picture. We are holding you and Gary in our hearts. Linda and Gary Oliaro

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  14. DB McNicol says:

    Too many friends are losing loved ones. I hope Gary can hang on for a while, at least long enough to get home to your love. 202 sucks!


  15. judilyn says:

    Happily he is COVID free, but it surely is there in the hospital with him. I don’t know when I will be able to bring him home.

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  16. Peggy bohler says:

    Judy, I am sorry to hear Gary is facing another challenge and you are not able to be together yet. I hope he’s back at home with you soon. Wishing you all the best. I thought I still had your phone number and was going to text you but I don’t find it. Peggy and David Bohler with good memories of our lunch when we were there last.

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