As Sweet As They Look

UPDATE ON ANIMALS SPOTTED. Click ANIMALS SPOTTED under the banner to read about today’s sightings.

strawberries (Chris).blog

These beauties speak for themselves.

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16 Responses to As Sweet As They Look

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I love those strawberries, and have them every morning.


  2. Yum! They sure look tasty!


  3. mmmmm they looks so fresh and sweet! Great photo! 🙂


  4. Liz says:

    Where do you buy your strawberries? these look extra, extra delicious!!!!


  5. Shirley says:

    Guess I will have to go shopping to Safeway! They look so good!


    • judilyn says:

      They are two boxes/pounds for $3. through the end of today, Tuesday. Tomorrow, Wednesday, they will be $2.99 a pound! So better scamper up there pretty quick! ;->


  6. Sharon says:

    I usually pass on strawberries because they are tarter than I like. Your deep red ones look like ones I would enjoy. A lot! 🙂

    I just discovered your Animals Spotted page. What a beautiful view you have!


  7. LFFL says:

    They sure do speak for themselves. Enough said. Just lovely.


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