Burger ‘n’ Onions

We seem to be on a cheeseburger kick again.  Today’s delight included a slice of jalapeño pepper cheese and grilled onions.  DH had a slice of bacon on his – hiding under the cheese.

You can see mine above.  It has sweet relish and a French fry dip that I make from combining just a bit of catsup with the ubiquitous Cole slaw dressing.  Mixing the three ingredients together produces, of course, Thousand Island Dressing.  I like to dip French fries into the catsup and Cole slaw dressing, and there was some left over from last night’s dinner.

At the store today, they had smallish yellow onions that I thought would be just about the right size to slice and grill for one round of the burgers.  As it turned out, they were not only exactly the right size, but were very sweet to boot.  Bonus!  What a delightful addition!

But the salad was really the star of the show.  I got a fresh head of Romaine lettuce that was enormous, and should make us each at least six or more of the salads like you see above.

To the Romaine, I added marinated artichoke hearts, fresh mushrooms, green pepper, cucumber, Roma tomatoes, freshly-made garbanzo beans in Italian dressing, and, as a special treat, some roasted pistachios!

Very satisfying!


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8 Responses to Burger ‘n’ Onions

  1. K says:

    Looks De-Lish! Say! When is that Dr. J Cookbook coming out anyway?


  2. taphian says:

    looks fantastic and delicious, Judie, I’ll come over soon:) Virtual hugs Mitza


  3. judilyn says:

    I’ll save you a table! ;->


  4. I think caramelized onions can make any dish better, even a cake! 😀

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  5. The caramelized onions look so so goood!!!!!!

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  6. becomebetty says:

    That looks so good. How are those artichokes? I have a jar too, I just haven’t gotten into them.


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