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Ten-Minute Glow

This is what I saw when I woke up this morning.  I have a new camera, so here was the perfect use for it.  The whole sky to the south and east was on fire.  What you see above is … Continue reading

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Pretty Bird !!

This beautiful bird put on a show for us at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum earlier this month. And, yes, the sky really is that color. This picture is straight out of the camera, except for the cropping out of more … Continue reading

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Let Us Prey

Do you see what I see? A tasty morsel awaits. I’ll just fly over and get him. After my nap. Magnanimously, I’ll let him live because he’s so cute and furry.

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Now What?

I saw the hawk and started snapping his portrait, but wondered what he was looking at so intently. Swung the camera over to the right a bit, and there was our furry friend, looking just a mite on the frightened … Continue reading

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Birder King

All was peaceful this morning, and we were enjoying a number of migratory birds flashing through the area. I guess the news of the water pond is on their grapevine somehow, and they stop here to fuel up on their … Continue reading

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Baby Roadrunner – R.I.P.

Yesterday morning we were soooo excited! The biggest fledgeling roadrunner was out of the nest and in the backyard. The parents were on the other side of our fence calling to the little guy to join them. He was running … Continue reading

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