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Ladies and Gentleman

These lovely ladies came to call a couple of afternoons ago.  It was just at the time of day when that golden glow falls over our world.  These two are taking aim at the pomegranate fruits that are on our … Continue reading

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The Second Blossoming

Several months ago, we had an arborist come out and tend to two of our precious trees – the plum/apricot tree and this darling rose tree.  He cut it back MUCH further than I thought proper, but, of course he … Continue reading

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The Tale of Tippy Tail

Teenagers!  Once they get out of the nest, it’s hard to keep track of them.  This is the last portrait of all three baby roadrunners before they started abandoning their home for the great outdoors.  The third one is in … Continue reading

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Three To Go

  Here they are as newborns (above).  There are three tiny babies in there – seems like only yesterday ! And here they are a few days ago (below). TODAY!  The largest one is out of the nest and having … Continue reading

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The Deer are Here

For the last couple of weeks, the level in the water pond has been going down faster than usual.  We assumed that either the javelinas or the deer were hitting it hard at night. These four ladies were here about … Continue reading

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Awaiting a Giant Snake

There has been a lot of activity in the roadrunner nest over the last couple of weeks.  The babies hatched and the parents are being run ragged providing enough food for those voracious appetites. I’ll put a picture of the … Continue reading

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Bee Careful

  I know . . . everyone posts “the bee in the flower” captures – so here’s mine!  He disappeared down out of sight, but I just kept the phone trained on the spot, and soon he reappeared.  Got him!

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