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The Second Blossoming

Several months ago, we had an arborist come out and tend to two of our precious trees – the plum/apricot tree and this darling rose tree.  He cut it back MUCH further than I thought proper, but, of course he … Continue reading

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Hard to believe but these quadruplets blossomed at the base of our rose tree.  DH discovered them when he went out to cut off all the deadheads from the tree yesterday. These were a complete surprise.  I had not seen … Continue reading

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Beautiful Simplicity

I was walking by our rose tree just now, and these two brave little soldiers were beckoning to me to make their portrait.  The rest of the tree is covered with deadheads, but the other day the now-wilted rose came … Continue reading

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Behold The Whole Rose Tree – 2015 Edition

For everyone who has kindly looked at “Behold The Whole Rose Tree” all year long, here is her majesty with her 2015 raiment. She bloomed her little heart out this year, producing an abundance of beautiful blooms. The fragrance walking … Continue reading

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The Queen Overlooks Her Court

She has another set of courtiers to her left as well. Definitely the Queen Elizabeth I of our yard. ;->

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The Rain Fairy Was Here

An unexpected rainy day brought smiles to all of the plants here. This time of year there is a perfusion of roses everywhere one glances. A walk around the complex brings one “ooooh” “aaaaahhhh” after another at the gloriousness of … Continue reading

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What the Bees See

I’ve taken a bazillion pictures of this tree and its beautiful flowers, but always miss showing how really gorgeous the sky is here. We have little pollution, so frequently (not always), the sky is an electric blue. The bees are … Continue reading

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Princess Rose

Again with the “day late and a dollar short”. She was probably more beautiful the day before, but still . . . she is our firstborn on the rose tree for this year, and deserving of high praise for her … Continue reading

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