I Won the Trifecta !!

Focaccia, sesame, cinnamon

LOL! When I make bread in only one shape, I find that most of it doesn’t get eaten as bread, although I try to make croutons, bread cubes or crumbs of leftovers before it is too old to eat.

So I started making a pizza and six hamburger-type rolls from one batch of dough, and that worked out fairly well, but then we had no cinnamon rolls until I made another batch of bread, which made too many cinnamon rolls, unless I could give some of them away . . . well . . .

You can see the dilemma. Thus yesterday afternoon, the TRIFECTA was born.


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8 Responses to I Won the Trifecta !!

  1. Jan Forseth says:


    My carb-loving self is just salivating over your trifecta.


  2. Kit says:

    Would you be willing to adopt me?


    • judilyn says:

      I tried to effect this same thing with our handyman, but so far the paperwork has been too intimidating. But, yes, of course – an “honorary son” – YAAAAY!


  3. Bev says:

    Hey, any time you have extra cinnamon rolls to give away, I have a husband who would be happy to take them off your hands…


  4. jenniferjohns says:

    Looks really yummy Judie! I just made runzas for dinner tonight. I’m curious what your hamburger rolls were like. My friend here in VA had never heard of a runza which is a popular fast food in Nebraska. Do you have Runzas out there?


    • judilyn says:

      Runzas sound good, but I think I would like a little something flavorful in the filling. If they were Mexican spicy, they would be empanadas.

      The hamburger rolls are what you see sitting on the focaccia. We had already devoured a wedge of the focaccia and one of the rolls! My husband likes the rolls to look like pseudo bagels, but if I really intend to use them for sandwiches, I don’t make the indentation in the middle. That way they rise up nicely.

      They have a lot more body than purchased hamburger rolls, which are flimsy, and seem to just dissolve if eaten with a juicy burger. The last time I saw a price on a package of store-bought hamburger rolls, I almost fainted. Fortunately they were being purchased by the customer in front of me!


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