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This doesn’t look like much just sitting there, but oh, my . . . it was so delicious! I wasn’t quite hungry enough at regulation lunch time for the split pea and lentil soup the second day around, so an hour or so later, after getting DH down for his afternoon nap, I was scratching around the refrigerator seeking sustenance from the available bits and bobs.

I started with some leftover angel hair pasta, sautéed in a bit of ghee, and then added things as they came to mind. Here’s what I added (in this order, I think!):

A tiny dollop of Classico Basil Pesto
Some Bella Sun Luci julienne cut marinated tomato shreds
Some grated asiago cheese
A beaten egg, and, as an afterthought . . .
One small slice of salami, cut into 24 teeny tiny pieces

For seasoning, I grated a generous amount of lemon pepper over it – PERFECT!

To make this more colorful, I could have added the green part of a Mexican scallion, but since raw onions are not my favorite food, and this dish was for me alone, I left it out. However, if I had thought of it in time, I would have put in some bits of black olives. To balance it out, I should have eaten a salad, or some carrot sticks, but I didn’t. 😦

This would make an excellent side dish for a meal that was otherwise sparse on protein, but featured a good portion of vegetables or salad. It could also be piled up in the center of a pretty serving plate with slices of meat and/or veggies laid out in a wheel around it.

Obviously, any shape pasta would do, so don’t forget that there are small packages of pastas available in the Latin foods section of the grocery store if you don’t want to open a package of regulation pasta. The shells and other shapes are smaller, and there is one called Fideo that is thin like angel hair, but in shorter lengths. That would work well for this dish. It cooks up quite quickly, so no need to wait until you have leftovers to try it.


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9 Responses to Noodly Stuff

  1. Looks so very tasty!
    Once again, I crown you as the Leftover Queen! 🙂


  2. Kit says:

    Looks like a short list candidate for comfort food! Mmmm. . .


  3. Clanmother says:

    Amazing what you can find in your cupboards and refrigerator!! 🙂


  4. milkandbun says:

    Simple and delicious! Looks very good!


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