Brown Canyon Ranch

We spontaneously took our lunch out to nearby Brown Canyon Ranch this afternoon.  The golden hour light was lovely.  There are nice trails there, and they allow horseback riding on them as well as hiking.  While we were there a horse trailer came along, and two horses were taken for a leisurely ride and brought back.

The horses looked really bored while everything was being made ready for the ride.  The two riders chatted, and the horses waited patiently.  They were gone about an hour or so, and the horses waited until they came back to empty their bladders right near us.

Someone came with FOUR Dachshunds, who erupted with what I interpreted as squeals of delight as they were walked over to the trail.  When they got within sight of their car on the way back, their enthusiasm at seeing the car was again made known.

Again, there is no photo of our lunch, but it was a no-fuss meal of an elaborate chicken salad on jalapeño Cheddar Kaiser rolls, chips and salsa, and the usual dessert of chocolate bits and filberts.

A thoroughly enjoyable outing under a fabulous blue sky.


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