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Mildred Pierce – Chicken and Waffles

There are two movies called “Mildred Pierce”. The original one in 1945 starred Joan Crawford, and the later one in 2011 starred Kate Winslet. We saw the Winslet 2011 version as a mini-series, and so tracked down and watched the … Continue reading

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Granola is DH’s lifeblood, well, so it seems in the morning when his cooked cereal is in his bowl. Sometimes even French Toast won’t tempt him away from his bowl o’ gruel, cut up fresh fruit, coconut flakes and GRANOLA! … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Within

This is Gary heading into the inner sanctum of a chocolate specialty shop in Poulsbo, Washington. According to signs I read, there was a misspelling along the way somewhere, and the town’s name is pronounced “Pauls-Bow”. Don’t rub your eyes … Continue reading

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The last of the berries

Add cornbread made with orange juice, yogurt, orange juice, and pecans, if you have them. “Pseudo pshortcake”. This is a great snack for the afternoon droops.

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Maple Caramel Granola

I make a huge batch of this, but it still disappears in record time. Five-grain cereal, brown sugar, butter, and maple syrup as a binder, with dried cranberries and chopped dates. For sprinkling on cooked cereal, or any dessert. Probably … Continue reading

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