Pasta Pasilla

You probably can’t tell from this picture, but this is a tiny little dish – about the size you would eat a small portion of ice cream out of.  This was an emergency grab of a picture of this delicious meal.  Had to use this tiny plate because the piggies had eaten nearly everything else in sight.

I sautéed some fresh sweet onions and pasilla peppers, along with some of the tiny multi-colored peppers that are available right now.  There was broccoli left over, and the linguini was from the night before, when we had had a similar meal.  It was SO good on Tuesday night, that a slight variation was absolutely mandatory on Wednesday night.

The last iteration had steak, spinach, and mushrooms, so this time I used Italian sausage, always a big hit.  I just searched for a picture of it with the steak, but alas . . .

It’s hard to see in the picture, but this time there are blobs of fresh mozzarella cheese melted into the melange of veggies and pasta.  That stuff is just magic.  If you see it on sale, grab it and experiment!


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8 Responses to Pasta Pasilla

  1. John says:

    This dish looks super delicious! Shame on those piggies. 😌😉

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  2. You always manage to make something delicious from leftovers. 🙂


  3. judilyn says:

    Without sounding too conceited . . . I must agree with you! We are constantly amazed at how much we enjoy our meals, and go on and on about how we couldn’t possibly find such delicious quality food at any restaurant in our town. That may reflect on our town, as I’m sure you could find exquisite food within steps of your abode.

    But I like to think of our meals as being made with “planned overs”. It is a big help in making dinner with the least amount of fuss by having at least one of the main meal components at hand and ready to go with minimum effort.

    Just this moment I am cooking a lentil/split pea/barley soup that I started this morning in a vacuum bottle. All I had to do just now was sauté up the veggies (onion, celery, carrots) and cut up some ham bits. The legumes went straight in without any fanfare, and now we have a couple of quarts of very thick, delicious soup for a few lunches. The second boule will make a welcomed appearance.

    As soon as I get the dishes done from lunch, I’m going to plop some baking potatoes into a Crock-Pot to have with tonight’s dinner. I have no idea what else I will fix for this dinner, but the potatoes will be ready to be in the picture.


  4. taphian says:

    this looks very healthy and beautiful, Judie, virtual hugs, Mitza


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