Bowl o’ Rolls

Monday night I made some calzone using a new-to-me bread recipe.  The bread was great, but I made a rookie’s mistake and forgot to grease the pan.  I just put down some cornmeal on the insulated air bake pan.  They stuck down – not so badly that they tore on the way to our plates, but they weren’t bee-yoo-tiful, either, hence no photo.

I liked the crust and the firmness of the dough, and thought that it would be perfect for rolls for carting our sandwiches around when we are going to be out “on the town”, so to speak, during the day.  The recipe that I had been using makes a softer dinner-type roll, so these should hold up better to the task of keeping our sandwiches at the ready for gobbling.

I wanted to see how they could work out as dinner rolls, so I put a heavy helping of Italian herbs, and specifically Tuscan Sunset herbs, into the dough.  This brought out a bit of an “infusion” of herbiness; so much so that I didn’t even put additional butter and herbs on them when I reheated them to have with a bowl of a most delicious potato/broccoli chowder today for lunch.  And I could easily see them with a nice green salad at dinner.

In short, this turned out to be a quite nice, all-purpose roll recipe.  They look quite plain in their portrait, but I’m thinking of many ways to jazz them up, which is pretty much the fun of finding a new recipe!


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4 Responses to Bowl o’ Rolls

  1. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    YOU are a great cook !!!!! The rolls look so good!!! I know you will enjoy them. Enjoy them when you are ” out and about” or home for a cozy meal when the weather is rainy and cold like today!

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  2. Love the addition of herbs to the dough. It always adds such nice aroma and flavor.

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  3. judilyn says:

    It precludes using them for a sweet treat, but it’s nice for a change.


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