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omelette le make

For lunch one day, there was enough red beans and rice, plus sausage, of course, for one person. Louisiana Boy loves red beans and rice, and I love eggs . . . so guess who got the omelet! Well, *part* of the omelet. By the time I got the omelet made and onto my plate, his red beans and rice plate had been slicked clean! Thus covetous eyes were cast upon my omelet, which I happily shared.

Inside was a nice amount of extra sharp Cheddar cheese, some roasted red peppers, and a generous sprinkle of Italian seasoning. Sour cream and a bit of fresh salsa topped it off. Delicious!


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18 Responses to Omelette – Le Make Do

  1. Next time make two burritos with rice, bean, omelet and salsa! 😀


  2. Sharon says:

    I thought the omelet sounded like pure heaven until you mentioned burrito filling on corn bread! That’s something I will try soon. I don’t have an oven in the Casita but can make a nice pan cornbread on top of the stove.


    • judilyn says:

      There is a stovetop “oven” called an Omnia, that bakes things on the top of the stove that is used by boaters. Let me see if I can find a link for you

      ********** TIME PASSES **********

      Okay. Here is Carolyn’s review of it:

      She says it isn’t available anywhere but the place she mentions, but that review is old, and Amazon now carries it.

      Pinterest also has a number of “pins” for how to use it, and some recipes.

      I agree with the posters at Amazon that it is absurdly overpriced. I had a unit like this decades ago, but found that I seldom used it. It was handy in Gertie, though, because we had no electricity except the battery and solar panels. I thought I had saved it, but haven’t seen it in years, so it must be in a box somewhere. I can’t find my nutmeg grater either, so maybe they are hanging out together in a packing box from when we moved out of California in 1998! I haven’t opened all of the boxes yet. Many are still in our storage room! 😦


      • Sharon says:

        I just got back from checking it out at Amazon. I had read about it a couple of years ago and tried to find the original on eBay with no luck.

        I have it bookmarked. And I even have a place it would fit in the Casita. But I also have a Coleman stovetop oven at home that I’ve never used. I just don’t bake when we are camping. And if I want something sweet, I just hit Ron’s snack shelf! 😀


  3. gypsy97 says:

    It’s way past my breakfast now, but it’s a good thing I didn’t read this early today. I’d have spent the day craving that delicious looking omelet!


    • judilyn says:

      Sometimes things just come out perfectly. That omelet was one of them. It tasted even better than it looks because the cheesy goodness just oozed out all over the plate!


  4. Kit says:

    Mmmmm. . .that looks “delicioso”!!!!!


  5. rvjohn says:

    Got to make sure I eat before I read your blog …… if I don’t, I’m sure to be off to the kitchen after words, your food always looks good and makes me hungry 🙂


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