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The Deer are Here

For the last couple of weeks, the level in the water pond has been going down faster than usual.  We assumed that either the javelinas or the deer were hitting it hard at night. These four ladies were here about … Continue reading

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  This beautiful creature just came for a long drink at our water pond.  Have never seen him in the daylight before.  Look how many different patterns are on his body.

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One-inch Hopper

  I was coming back from filling the water pond for our possible guests, and saw this little fellow (at one inch long, he is, indeed, VERY tiny).  He was nearly invisible because he was so tiny, and nearly completely blended … Continue reading

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Two Coyotes

There is a time of day in the late afternoon when our backyard turns a rosegold color. It is very pretty, but as seen here, it makes for peculiar-looking photos. These fine fellows seem to have shown up in front … Continue reading

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Deer Bully Boy

See those rudimentary horns? Well, he thinks he is just THE ONE these days! Last year Mama Deer would come by with two yearlings. Starting a couple of weeks ago, she started coming by with three young’uns, one of which … Continue reading

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Bunny Filling Station

This is a not-so-good photo from the critter cam, but I couldn’t resist posting this picture of such a cute little creature! ;->

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Rascal Raccoon – A FIRST! ;->

We have often wondered if there were raccoons in the area, but in seventeen years here, we have never seen one. We assumed it was the lack of sufficient water available for them to “prepare” their repasts. So you can … Continue reading

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